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International Aquatic Veterinary Biosecurity Consortium

In 2013, the International Aquatic Veterinary Biosecurity Consortium was formed as partnership of leading organizations involved with the common goal of advancing aquatic veterinary biosecurity and education worldwide.

Our mission is to increase preparedness for introduction of disease agents which threaten food security for society and economic viability of aquaculture. We work to increase awareness and knowledge of aquatic animal disease prevention, control and possible eradication, disseminate education materials, coordinate training activities, and organize train-the-trainer programs in different areas of the world.

Our objectives are to increase the impact of aquaculture biosecurity concepts to reduce risks, and assist producers, veterinary services and governments to prevent, control and eradicate aquatic animal diseases. We will deliver education through publications (books, manuscripts, manuals, workbooks); direct interaction (conference presentations, practical workshops); and through integration with the online education platform to achieve free access to developed materials for the widest possible audience worldwide.

The IAVBC is a continuation of informal collaborations between the partner institutions in the area of Aquatic Veterinary Biosecurity and Education that began in 2009, and was tested in workshops in Norway, Chile, South Africa, Czech Republic and elsewhere. The IAVBC members understand the value of collaborative efforts in ensuring that developed educational materials on aquaculture veterinary biosecurity fully meet World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) standards, and Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO) approaches, including their use in education of OIE and FAO aquaculture focal points worldwide.

The IAVBC educational efforts typically include seminars, webinars, symposia, conferences and workshops around the world. They are intended help aquaculture producers, veterinarians, governmental agencies and others understand how to develop and implement practical biosecurity plans that will meet International (OIE) Standards and National regulatory requirements for preventing, controlling and eradicating infectious diseases. By implementing appropriate IAVBC biosecurity procedures, aquaculture producers and countries can become certified to be free of specific diseases or pathogens, thereby enhancing their production, profitability and economic viability.

The IAVBC approach to aquaculture biosecurity was published in a "Meeting Optimal Biosecurity Requirements" Special Issue of the Journal of Applied Aquaculture 2015, Vol 27

The IAVBC is deeply grateful to the Consortuim members and other supporting organizations, without whose input and help in developing conferences, workshops and educational efforts to test the IAVBC approach for implementing practical biosecurity in aquaculture, would not be possible.

Other organizations wanting to join or support the IAVBC educational opportunities, should contact Prof. Dr. Dušan Palić, who currently serves as IAVBC Director, or Dr. A. David Scarfe who serves as Associate Director to support coordination of IAVBC activities.